The OG BIG Rig Bucket

The OG BIG Rig Bucket

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Designed for big rigs! This chemical and tool kit has been specifically built to aid in the cleaning of big trucks, trailers, motorhomes and other BIG cleaning jobs.

This kit includes:

x1 5gal bucket with Gamma seal water-tight lid and Grit Guard

x1 Quick Detailer

x1 Paint Wax

x1 Heavy Duty Degreaser

x1 Tire Dressing

x1 Glass Cleaner

x1 Wash and Wax

x1 All Purpose Cleaner

x1 Jersey Bug Gut Scrubber

x1 Chenille premium wash mitt

X1 Stiff bristle tire brush

x1 Extending wash brush

x1 Premium foam cannon

Please note the bottled chemicals in this kit will come with the "OG" original Dialed In Details label.